Why Dashible

We’ve all embraced the digital world. It can be super convenient and endlessly fun but we are real people in a real world. There is nothing like actually going out to your neighborhood nail salon, talking to a waiter in person or walking into a welcoming store.

Dashible is like having a friend who knows the neighborhood inside and out. We can hook you up with deals and rewards at the most exciting local establishments—from nail salons to restaurants, from cafes to grocery stores and from gyms to laundromats. Whether you’re from around the block or visiting from the other side of the country, use Dashible to shop local and save. Get out and experience the city with Dashible.

Dashible Deals

Setup in Minutes
No Revenue Share
Launch Deals in Real-Time
Multiple Deal Types
Limit Redemptions
Data & Analytics

Deals & Loyalty Synergy


Offering Deals

  • Daily Deal Sites
  • Posting to Social Media
  • Email Campaigns
  • Flyers

Encouraging Loyalty

  • Stand Alone Hardware/Software
  • Point of Sale System
  • Paper Loyalty Cards

Integrated Deals & Loyalty

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1 Platform
100% Digital
No New Hardware
One Place for Data
More Features Coming Soon

Dashible Loyalty

Dashible Digital



Setup in Minutes
No Card Inventory to Manage
Know Who Your Best Customers Are
Graduated Rewards
No Lost Cards
Data & Analytics