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Merchant FAQs

Dashible is currently available in New York City. We will be expanding to other cities soon.

Dashible is a service that helps you create your own custom deals and loyalty programs on your own terms.

Dashiblecurrently supports physical businesses that have claimed Yelp profile. If you don’t have a Yelp profile of haven’t claimed yours with Yelp by visiting https://biz.yelp.com/

It only takes 10 minutes to launch your first deal campaign or loyalty program. If you need help, one of our account managers will be happy to help.

Dashible has 6 types of deals available

Deal Type Example
BOGO Buy One Hour Get One For $10.00
BOGO Free Buy a Meal and get an Appetizer Free
Percentage Off Get 25% of a Haircut
Amount Off Get $10 off a Cooking Class
Something Free Get a Personal Training Session Free
Fixed Price Get a Teeth Cleaning for $49

When a customer visits you they will show you the Deal on their phone. Review the deal to make sure it is correct and valid. Then press the Redeem button on the customer’s phone. Dashible will verify that the customer is at your location, if so the deal will be redeemed. If we can’t verify that the consumer is at your location they can scan the deal’s QR code.

Dashible creates a QR code (barcode) for each deal you create. If you are a mobile business or don’t have a fixed location you can print out the deal’s QR code. Customers can scan the QR code to redeem the deal. To find the deal’s QR code login to your account and go to Reports.

We offer several affordable plans. For a limited time, the fully functional trial version is free for six months. This is a savings of over $500.

No, Dashible is not affiliated with Yelp but we do think they are awesome

Research has shown that deals can change a shopper's decision and can help you get new customers that were planning on visiting your competition. Dashible enables you to create deals that fit your business' goals and budget. You can create deals when you want and how you want. If deals don't fit your business, you can still create a custom loyalty program to keep your customers coming back.

With Dashible you get to choose when deals are available. You can run deals whenever you want or not. It's completely up to you.

You can create a custom loyalty program in less than 10 minutes. Just login and create your first loyalty card by specifying

  • How many stars needed to complete a card
  • What the customer gets when they complete the card Ex. "Buy 10 Coffees and Get 1 Free
  • You can also create different rewards based on how many cards a customer has completed

Print out your loyalty QR code. You can find it in your Dashible account under "Loyalty". When a customer has done what they need to do to get a Star like buying a cup of coffee just allow then to scan the QR code with the Dashible App. The app will give them a Star on their loyalty card.

When a customer completes a loyalty card Dashible automatically creates a deal in the app for the Reward that you set up like "A free cup of Coffee". The deal will be in the customer's Loyalty Rewards folder in their Dashible app

Dashible will automatically issue them a new Loyalty card

The customer can redeem the Deal just like any other Dashible Deal. They visit you, show you the deal in the App and you watch them press the Redeem button on on the deal.

Dashible tracks the number of total Stars customers have earned across all their Loyalty Cards. As they earn Stars, the color of their cards changes accordingly

  • 1-29 Stars = Blue Cards
  • 30-99 Stars = Orange Cards
  • 100+ Stars = Black Cards