Merchant FAQs

Dashible is currently available in New York City. We will be expanding to other cities soon.

  • What is Dashible?

    Dashible is a service that helps you create your own custom deals and promotions on your own term.

  • Can any business use Dashible?

    Dashiblecurrently supports physical businesses that have claimed Yelp profile. If you don’t have a Yelp profile of haven’t claimed yourswith Yelp by visiting

  • What types of deals can I create?

    Dashible has 6 types of deals available

    Deal Type Example
    BOGO Buy One Hour Get One For $10.00
    BOGO Free Buy a Meal and get an Appetizer Free
    Percentage Off Get 25% of a Haircut
    Amount Off Get $10 off a Cooking Class
    Something Free Get a Personal Training Session Free
    Fixed Price Get a Teeth Cleaning for $49
  • What is a Deal QR Code

    Dashible creates a QR code (barcode) for each deal you create. If you are a mobile business or don’t have a fixed location you can print out the deal’s QR code. Customers can scan the QR code to redeem the deal. To find the deal’s QR code login to your account and go to Reports.

  • How Much does it cost to use Dashible?

    Dashible is Free for a limited time

  • Is Dashible affiliated with Yelp?

    No, Dashible is not affiliated with Yelp but we do think they are awesome