About Us

We founded the company to help the community at large and local retailers survive and thrive post pandemic and really build strong relationships with their customers at a price even the smallest businesses can afford. We do this while offering consumers a way to explore the city and find new local things to see, eat and do while saving money.


We want to create a win-win scenario for local businesses and consumers


Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. We are entrepreneurs as well and we value local businesses and want them to thrive. Entrepreneurship provides the ability for real people to provide services that addresses genuine problems that in many cases we have experienced ourselves all while supporting the local economy and generating employment opportunities.

Build Community

Dashible is a member of the communities we serve. Part of our mission is to build and support our community whenever and wherever we can, even if those activities are not part of our core business.

Add Value

We will always strive to provide value to our merchants, consumers, our employees and the and the community at large. 

Be Authentic

We respect and promote diversity in all areas and we will always be ourselves. We think life is to short to spend time pretending.


Marvin JohnsonCEO

Prior to Dashible Marvin served as Head of Payments & Treasury at Mezu and spent 8 years at Mastercard where he held several roles including VP of Product Development, VP Product Management and Director of Product Development. Prior to Mastercard, Marvin co-founded Cipherlink that merged with iKobo and led iKobo as CEO. iKobo was one of the first fintechs and the first global card-based remittance platform.

iKobo grew to a global business with Visa prepaid cards issued to customers in over 120 countries. After iKobo was acquired Marvin co-founded and served as VP of Operations of RTP FInancial Services (dba PayPartners) an provider of payroll card services that grew to having over 300 businesses customers onboard prior to being acquired by Transcard. Marvin also spent time as a nuclear submarine officer in the US Navy.

Marvin earned a BS in Materials Engineering from the University of Florida and an MBA in Decision Sciences from Georgia State University.

Tony CarterAdvisory CTO

Tony has over 20 years experience in technology and information security and is a Certified Information Security System Security Professional (CISSP). Prior to Dashible Tony founded and served as a principal consultant at iTrust Labs where he specialized in PCI gap analysis, penetration testing and host/infrastructure security hardening.

Tony co-founded CipherLink, a provider of encrypted messaging and email where he served as CTO. CipherLink was subsequently merged with iKobo where Tony also served as CTO. At iKobo, Tony architected and managed the security of iKobo’s global money transfer platform. iKobo was acquired by M2 Financial.

Tony also spent time in the US Air Force as an information security specialist where he designed and architected secure systems for several government organizations including DARPA.