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Address151 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002


Phone Number(646) 609-3785

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Amy Y.
Amy Y.Reviewed on yelp

A great brunch or lunch option for a hearty meal. Because although I've never been to Malaysia, the entrees give a very homemade "my grandma made this...

Honghui Y.
Honghui Y.Reviewed on yelp

The food here is so good! I've been a couple of times now and I've enjoyed everything I've tried. Below are what I think are the highlights: - Fish b...

Yixuan L.
Yixuan L.Reviewed on yelp

My friend recommended this place for dinner on a weeknight and it was such an amazing meal. We got here around 7pm on a Monday and there wasn't a huge...

Kopitiam - About the Business

At Kopitiam, A Coffee Shop In Hokkien, We Serve As A Daily Gathering Space Introducing Visitors To Nyonya Cuisine, Primarily A Hybrid Of Chinese And Malay Flavors Drawing Ingredients And Techniques From Both Cultures Along With Sprinkles Of Influences From The Portuguese, Dutch, And The British.