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Create a Loyalty Program that fits your business needs and budget. It only takes 10 minutes.

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How it Works

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DASHIBLECreate Your Loyalty Program

    Customize Your Loyalty Program

  • Determine the special deal (reward) the customer gets when a card is completed
  • Create different rewards based on how many cards a customer has completed
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DASHIBLECustomers Enroll In Your Loyalty Program

  • Customers find your Loyalty Program in the Dashible App and tap Enroll to get their first Card
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DASHIBLECustomers Visit You, Collect Stars & Earn Rewards

  • Print your Loyalty QR code.
  • When a customer has done what they need to do to get a Star, like buying a cup of coffee, just allow then to scan your Loyalty QR code with the Dashible App The app will give them a Star on their loyalty card.
  • Once they have collected enough Stars to earn a reward, Dashible automatically adds your deal for the reward to their app and gives them a new Loyalty Card to complete.
  • NEW! Dashible gives your customers Bitcoin for every Loyalty star earned.
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